Winter Warmup


My family is a driving family. Especially my son and I. Dylan is only 9 and still rides in the back of my car. When it’s just the two of us, he gets in, buckles up, and pulls off the passenger seat headrest. He then has a clear view of the road ahead and pretends he’s the one driving. It should be interesting when he turns 16…

At breakfast, we were discussing this safety tip email as a family.
Let me introduce Dylans Winter Car Safety Kit:

1st Aid Kit

Small Shovel

Energy Bars or Other Food

Phone/Charger/Battery Pack

Extra Hat, Mitts, Blanket

Snow Brush

Sand or Traction Aid

Extra Cash

Booster Cables/Booster Pack

My Mazda has the switchblade style key. It has the buttons to control the door locks and I didn’t need a spare with all of that just to warm it up in the mornings. We can cut a chipped key that will just start and run the car.
In the early fall, we’re inundated with calls from people who have locked themselves out of their cars. We don’t offer that service, but we do refer them to our favorite towing company.
In order to help prevent you from getting locked out this winter, we’re offering you 10% off any chipped car key or remote when you show us this post. We’re already cheaper than the dealerships and have tons of keys in stock. We can usually cut them while you wait. No appointment necessary. Sorry, this is only valid until the end of 2016

If you want to discuss this email or have any other security questions, don’t ever hesitate to call or email. We always want to hear from you.
Mike Pagnutti





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