Bump in the night!

Bump, Thump, BUMP!
There’s a little sleep walker moving throughout the house. Even if you haven’t experienced it first hand, you’ve undoubtedly heard a story or two.  
It sounds cute and innocent…a little one opening the cookie cupboard. Sleepwalking should not be taken lightly. What if it was the front door instead of a cupboard? Now you have a little person out in the yard at night. The potential dangers are everywhere.
There are several preventative measure that can be taken to protect the safety of these little ones. It can be as simple as bells attached to the door knob and a few baby gates to an elaborate automated alarm system. As always, here are a few links to more detailed tips…Here and Here
Speaking of kids, for the last three years, Northern Security has made a difference during the holiday season. A friend and Rotarian, asked us if we would purchase a crib for their “Fill A Crib” campaign. We purchased two and asked our customers and family to donate diapers, food, snow suits, and baby gates. This year, is no different our crib has been delivered and is waiting for your donations. Every donation gets you a ballot to win free monitoring, basic alarm system, or a chipped automotive key. Each has a value of over $200!!! 
I encourage you to take the time to come by our office to drop off a donation. This is the time of giving and there are several families who are struggling to make ends meet.
Thank you for letting us help to protect what matters most to you safe.

Mike Pagnutti





Monetary donations to food banks make a major impact. Because they are able to purchase bulk amounts of items needed, these charities can enjoy a 5:1 ratio when purchasing supplies. That’s right! a $20 donation works out to over $100 dollars worth of food! For the month of December, you can add a monetary donation to your Northern Security invoice.