Time to light things up!

I know it seems a little counter intuitive to talk about exterior lighting while the days are getting longer but the timing is right.

On March 12th, we move our clocks ahead an hour.  A recently published paper presents estimates of the effect of ambient light on violent crime. They found a large decrease in robberies being committed when daylight-saving time begins in the spring, with a particularly significant drop during that extra hour of sunlight in the time right after work. It makes sense – more light equals less crime.

For this post, I say, “Let’s keep things bright and the bad guys running!”

Having the exterior of your house well lit helps to dissuade our enemies from lurking around and trying to access your home.  You have several options for lighting.  One of my favorite looks is down lighting professionally installed in the eves all around the house.  Since that setup wouldn’t work with our house, we sourced out solar powered motion lights.  It’s a flood light and motion sensor that’s charged during the day by a small solar panel.  You can also opt for low voltage pathway/spot lights or wall sconces.

At minimum, the extra lighting will certainly add to your homes curb appeal.  If the bad guys are prowling your neighborhood, they’re not likely to go near the house that’s well lit. That is the goal, isn’t it?

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Four things to remember:

  1. Bad guys like lurking in the shadows – Keep things well lit.
  2. Check us out at the home show – It’ll be fun!
  3. Make sure you adjust your clock – You don’t want to be late for work on the 13th
  4. You’ll pay more at the dealer for car keys – We’re faster, and you don’t need an appointment.

See you Saturday and don’t forget to text us.

Mike Pagnutti


Cold Creek and Hot Water

One afternoon during the first winter we lived in our house, I happened to look out our bedroom window at my neighbor and his son. They had lived in the neighborhood for years and were about to walk along the creek that runs along our back yards. Dad wearing his snowshoes and son carrying his snowboard. It had been quite cold and the ice was solid…or so everyone thought. I watched as dad stayed on top and his son fell through up to his armpits. Everyone was fine and I will admit that, once he was safe, I did giggle at the resulting pandemonium. When it comes to ice safety, I’m far from an expert. There are a few tips I can pass along that I have picked up over the years.

  • if you’re new to the area, ask the locals
  • check the ice thickness yourself (you can’t always trust the locals)
  • don’t assume the ice is safe – especially where the water is moving

7 cm (3 in) or less STAY OFF
10cm (4 in) ice fishing, walking, cross country skiing
12cm (5 in) one snowmobile or ATV
20-30cm (8-12 in) one car or small pickup
30-38cm (12-15 in) one medium truck (pickup or van)

Ice thickness source: https://www.adventuresmart.ca/water/icesafety.htm

Now…since we’re always on the subject of safety…I feel that I should send out the reminder that today is February 13th. We’re talking frozen creeks but you’ll be in hot water if you forget Valentines day.

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